File formats: In Design, Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, Pagemaker (pdf, eps, tiff, jpeg).

Colour requirements: RGB or CMYK.

Colour testing is available at an extra charge. Charges may apply for correcting images that are not ready for output. Please check your design software for image requirements (Ex: Only CMYK files are acceptable for Quark).

File size:

While files should be at least 75 dpi, it’s preferable that they are 100 – 150 dpi at final size. Use the top calculator at the right to work out your file size requirement. For example, if you need a 30 x 40 inch inkjet output at a resolution of 100 dpi, fill in 100 as the dpi and 30 x40 as the final size. Your resulting file size should be at least 34 MB.

Alternatively, use the bottom calculator for determining the resolution of the files or scans that you are preparing. The standard resolution for magazine or press runs is 300 dpi. The resulting numbers will tell you if your file is large enough to reproduce properly.

Fonts: Please either include all fonts required for your project in your submission or convert all the text in your project to outline. Font substitutions can create design problems. Hardcopy or pdf references for your output can be helpful for spotting problems.

Finally, contact us prior to submitting your project if you have any questions about file preparation.